The world is full of walls.  Humans are constantly building and tearing them down both literally and metaphorically.

Let’s examine and reconstruct the walls we have destroyed and tear down the walls that no longer serve a purpose.  As I reconstruct my inner and outer walls, I will share my journey and insights.

Creating and developing concepts are a form of building.  The world is made up of many building blocks, and the components are vast and wide.  Each experience is an opportunity to add another block to fortify my wall of knowledge.  As I slowly build these walls, my fortress will take shape in my creation.

I have studied many things and am a Jane of all trades, master of none.  I am currently in an Executive MBA program while working full time as a Director of Human Resources.  There is always something new to learn or a problem to solve.  HR certainly keeps me on my toes and busy.  I hold a SHRM-SCP certification and a Real Estate license.

The other side of me loves music, film, and art.  I studied music, had a band, studied film, dabbled in the film industry, and learned how to make leather armor and jewelry.  Unfortunately, those are tough industries to make a living in, so I landed in HR and into an Executive MBA program that is challenging me beyond my imagination.  This is a positive, because one day I can look back and say I accomplished a bit of it all.  A true renaissance woman.

-Wen Di